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Frequently Asked Questions

My Vehicle is a small SUV. Does it count as Large or Small?

That really depends on the use of the vehicle and how well it has been maintained. If it's a family/pet mover, if it's used for your business, etc. it will count as a large vehicle. If it's a commuter vehicle and rarely has extra little's and dogs in it, it's a small. 

Can I ask to have part of my vehicle excluded from a clean to get a deal?

No. We are proud of the work we do and we strive to do it well. Usually cutting out the trunk or back seat really doesn't save that much on time or resources anyways, so we may as well get in a great clean all over. You wouldn't go get half a hair cut, am I right?

Is there a discount if I have more than one vehicle to do?

There could be! I can probably knock off a small amount of the price if you've got a few vehicles that need attention. Keep in mind, it doesn't take me less time or materials to do 2 cars, so the discount will reflect that. Give me a call and we can work something out.

The cleans seem a little expensive, why is that?

Detailing cars is a lot of hot, hard work and a lot of attention to detail. Vehicles take on a lot of wear and tear and most people don't know how to maintain them properly. We don't skimp on the products used in your details either. We aren't talking an Armourall wipe here. We strive to use long lasting UV protectants and quality dressings and waxes to ensure that your vehicle stays protected till the next time we can clean it. 

What if I bring in my car and it is much dirtier than you expected?

We will always inspect your vehicle before you leave and we begin the work. If things look a little worse than expected we will openly communicate that with you and let you make decisions based on what we can do in the time we have. We will ALWAYS have a price worked out before we begin to work. No suprises from you... No surprises from us.

Is there a waiting room? What am I supposed to do while my car is being cleaned?

Currently, we do not have a waiting room, although we are working on that! It is advised that if you are doing more than a Maintenance Clean, you should arrange someone to come with you and drive you home in between your clean. if you need to leave your vehicle here for the day, that can be arranged as well. We are pretty easy going around here.