Flying Aces Auto Spa

6874 Wellington Rd. 7

Elora, ON N0B 1S0


Pricing & Online Booking

We take great pride in our work. As such, there is no such thing as a partial clean around here. Every car we see will leave here impeccably clean. We love the look on people's faces when they fall in love with their car all over again. 

Our goal with our very simple pricing structure is to give us the space to do whatever is necessary to bring your car back to it's glory without it costing you a fortune in add ons or confusing package deals. We are focused on creating CLIENTS not Customers. meaning that we encourage you to to book an initial clean, and then come back for maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Did you know that all those fancy UV protectors and dressings are only really good for around 4 weeks for typical vehicle use? And that is professional level stuff, not the ArmourAll and basic storefront brands...those are even less. If you want to keep your car in top shape wether it's your baby, or you want to resell for top dollar eventually, your best bet is to maintain it every 4-6 weeks. Our pricing structure reflects this. 


If this is your first time having a Flying Aces level clean, You will need to select the INITIAL DEEP CLEAN option. then you can select your maintenance clean within 4-6 weeks at a much lower cost. If you have passed 8 weeks since your last clean, you will select the Deep Clean again (although at that point price may vary and you may want to give me a call)


If we find that your vehicle can go longer than the 6 weeks, we can discuss this together and maybe for you, 8 weeks will work just fine. But the idea here is to maintain a fresh new vehicle at all times.


Please visit our FAQ for more information.